In the previous posts, I have mentioned the Wedding Planner Educator – Taylor’d Plan, DIY vs group, and VIP coaching, so what is all of these and which one is best for you and your situation and how to become a wedding planner.  Now let me explain each of the services I offer so far and how they can be of service to your business!

The Wedding Planner Educator –  Taylor’d Plan – This is an online course that has 3 levels.

wedding planner educator

Level 1 is a 10-week course and it is for new wedding planners, who want to have guidance on how to start their wedding planning business.  It covers, how to start your business to wedding day emergencies.

Level 2 is a 5-week course and it is ideal for planners who have been in business for roughly 6 months to a year and we take the business basics and expands on business, vendor relations and advanced wedding planning.  Can take right after Taylor’d Plan Level 1.

Level 3 is a 5-week course and it is tailored for the planner who have been in business a year or more and we get into process and procedures, creating additional revenue streams and creating a team.  This also can be taken right after Taylor’d Plan Level 2

There are 2 separate options to take for each level.

The first is DIY, you get a weekly video and a task to complete there is a Facebook group, that I am answering your questions and helping you along the way.

The second option is the Group, it is the same weekly video and task, but you get a video conference call with me twice a month throughout the class, where I answer your questions and talk in depth about the current week’s class.

VIP Coaching session

VIP Coaching, I take on a limited number of coaching clients to get where you want to go faster!   We get together to go over what you would like to help with and we focus on your business.   Topics that we can cover starting your business, processes & procedures, to creating additional revenue stream for your business. It is a 6 or 12-month commitment.

Join me and let me help you start and grow your wedding planning business!  Happy Planning!