Becoming a wedding planner, Wedding Planner Educator

Jennifer Taylor, Wedding Planner Educator

Now that you know a little bit about me, now more about The Wedding Planner Educator.  It is the all-encompassing brand for all education and coaching from Jennifer Taylor.

When I started Taylor’d Events Group, there was nothing like this, so I went out and made all the mistakes and all the wrong turns when starting my business and I want to make it easier for you, so you can start and grow your business quickly!

I am always working on new ideas for Wedding Planner Educator, but current offers are Launch Your Wedding Planning Business, 10-day challenge, and various webinars, but the main focus is the Taylor’d Plan, which is an online course, depending on the level goes between 5-10 weeks, it is VIP coaching and within a year an in-person conference.

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Why should you consider Wedding Planner Educator?  I would like to think because I am awesome and witty, but really, it is the real life advice about starting and growing a business!

I want it to fit the way that you learn, are you more of a DIY or do you want more interaction with me and other members of the community, I have both options in The Taylor’d Plan.

Becoming a wedding planner, wedding planner educator

I also want to grow with you and your business, that is why there are three levels for The Taylor’d Plan, so you can start, grow and expand your business.Within the year there will also be a whole library of videos to download which will provide you a more in-depth education on a topic.

Wedding Planner Educator is providing approachable and real world training and guidance wedding planning and how to help you and your new and growing business.

Join me on this journey to help you start and grow your business!