When you start finding yourself as a Wedding Planner, you need to find your ideal client.  Finding your niche is like finding your tribe!  It is the client that will bring you joy and you would work for free for them if you wanted to!  I do not suggest that you are a business owner not a non-profit.

So how do you find your people!  Here are some tips on how to get it started.  Your niche will change throughout the life of your business, so this is something to work on after every season.

1 – Who are they – Write down their gender, age, income, their hobbies, and occupation

2 – What are their issues – do they work too much; do they do not know where to start?

3 – What do they need right now – someone to help them clear out the clutter of planning?

4 – What are their struggles – do they live out of town and getting married at home

5 – What are their hopes and dreams – they want a wedding day that is stress-free

So when you are out networking instead of asking for anyone getting married you can give specific.  Here is my ideal client

At Taylor’d Events Group, we are looking for couples who are in their late 20’s/early 30’s, one of them works at Amazon/Microsoft/Google, they are both busy professionals.   They love to vacation in Maui and now they want to plan their wedding there.  They are looking for a wedding planner who loves the island as much as they do.  This planner lives in the Seattle area, knows the lay of the land on Maui and can help them find quality wedding professionals on the island.

Once you figure this out, now find out where they hang out, in real life, on social media and publications and look at opportunities to get in front of them.

Are they on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest? Is there a particular neighborhood they live in, work in, or hang out at?  Is there a local blog or Facebook group for their neighborhood?  What activities do they do?  Where do they want to get married?  All these questions can help you narrow down where to find them.

Here is a photo of our current ideal client with who they are and how we are there to help

wedding planner educator ideal client

If you want to start your wedding planning company on the right foot, I invite you to join me at The Taylor’d Plan, level 1 to help you start and grow your wedding planning business.  CLICK HERE to join me!  Class starts on February 13th!