wedding planner educator, wedding plannerTaylor’d Plan- Level 1, is the cornerstone of Wedding Planner Educator.  This 10-week course is created to provide new wedding planners the resources and gives you practical real-life solutions to issues that arise when owning a business.

It has taken me 12 years to get to the point in my business where I only work with clients that absolutely light me up, I travel throughout the country planning weddings, I have an amazing team supports me and I enjoy life and the journey.

But it wasn’t always this way. I experienced struggles, frustration, and doubt..just like you. So that is why I created Wedding Planner Educator and The Taylor’d  Plan. It’s my turn to pass this knowledge down to you. There is a way to easily gain clients, have a business that you love (because you know what you’re doing) and feel confident in being a wedding planner.

You have to know the right strategy and steps to implement. So in this course,  you will get online training modules AND  support along the way!

Topics we will cover:
* How to start and GROW your business
* How to create systems so you are able to have a LIFE
* How to plan a wedding CONFIDENTLY and have your clients LOVE you
* How to EXPAND your services to include Destination Weddings and Private Residence Weddings
* How to BUILD a great vendor team
* How to make the Wedding Day run SEAMLESSLY
* Not to mention, you’ll get access to me and my team, as well as a COMMUNITY of women who are all about building each other up and helping one another succeed

People learn differently or schedules aren’t always the easiest to work around.  So I have created 2 options for the course DIY and Group:
DIY, you get a weekly video and a task to complete there is a Facebook group, that I am answering your questions and helping you along the way. This is for someone who can do it on their own and just needs a nudge here and there.

Group, it is the same weekly video and task, but you get a video conference call with me twice a month throughout the class, where I answer your questions and talk in depth about the current month’s videos. This is for someone who wants a little more involvement with me and the others in the group.

This course would normally run between $1,497 and $2,975
Since this is the first run of the course the cost is
$597 for DIY
$1,975 for Group!
We also are accepting the options of 4 payments!

Now is your opportunity to do business the easy way, but learning from my mistakes and knowing exactly what works and what doesn’t!

When you build a strong business foundation you are taking charge of your future and owning your own business!

I am here to hold your hand and guide you through this entire process.

Your time is NOW.

This introductory offer is only good until February 12th at Midnight!

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