The Taylor’d Plan

The Taylor’d Plan is the brainchild of Jennifer Taylor, owner of Taylor’d Events Group.   It is a 14-week wedding planning certification course that touches on the business of weddings, how to start a business, wedding planning, and the week of wedding planning process and the possible pitfalls that could happen on the day.

As a student with The Taylor’d Plan:  Wedding Planning Certification by Taylor’d Events Group, you will have access to a Facebook Group to collaborate with other wedding planners as well as access to the instructor through this program. After the course, graduates gain access to their instructor for one hour to review or ask questions and talk about next steps for mentoring.

Why I Started It

This is a no-nonsense course for aspiring and new wedding planners to learn about some basics about this quirky industry and set them up for success from the beginning. It is all the things I wish someone told me.

We start off with the basics of “how to start a business” leading into Wedding Logistics 101 and finally, all of my day-of management pro-tips. It will set any planner up with a strong base to build their creative business from.

I want to help other wedding planners have the resources that I did not have when I started, and give practical real-life take on how to start a business. We would like to help them decide if they should start their own business or find a company to work for and give them the knowledge needed to plan weddings. This certification will give confidence in our student’s talents and skills. Taylor’d Events Group has the knowhow and the tools to share.

  •   Trust
  •   Authenticity
  •   Value
  •   Assessable
  •   Engaged (pun not intended)
  •   Professional

I would love to have you join me and let me start you on your journey!  CLICK HERE