When I am planning a wedding, here are some elements that I do with every wedding and it will help you in the long run.

Planning, you are the expert, but also if you don’t know an answer to a question that your client or vendor has, don’t be afraid to tell them you don’t know and you will research and get back with them.

Your word is your honor, if you say you will do something do it, or find someone on your team to do it, don’t back out of it because it is too hard or takes too much time, or something better came up.

Communicate, even with our Wedding Day Management clients, they have access to us via email and phone, I don’t want them feeling like they can’t talk to us.

Make sure the clients are doing their work, as a planner, I can’t do everything for them, even though sometimes it would be helpful, give them the expectation of what they need to do and when it is due back to you.

On the wedding day, keep vendors on time, as much as you can, but once the ceremony starts, let the day flow, it becomes a party and sometimes being too strict on the timeline can stifle the spontaneity of the day. Use the timeline as your guide. If there are some hard times, meet them, but don’t be too strict.

xo Jennifer Taylor