This topic is something that gets overlooked by most business owners, just last week, I was discussing this with another awesome business owner and she was wondering why they were coming to her instead of going to their assigned project manager.   So, I asked her if she gave the new clients an expectation sheet on how they will work together?  She hadn’t, but she loved the idea.   So here are the different groups to set expectation with

1 – Family & Friends – let them know that you are serious about this business and you have set some expectations/boundaries that you would like them to follow.   Your working hours, when and where you are meeting clients.  If they are one’s to always be texting/calling, tell them that you will return their text/calls after working hours.   Set boundaries/expectations with them, this will help you all be on the page.

2 – Clients – after we sign a client, we give them an expectation sheet, this tells them a lot of how we work

  1. Working hours during the wedding season and off-season, when we will return phone calls and emails
  2. The best way to communicate with us
  3. Meetings – when and how to schedule and where we will meet – we have an office, but we let them know that we can meet somewhere else they just must tell us.
  4. When we expect to have the final guest list with meal choices and all the other items needed for their wedding
  5. Wedding day expectations

So, if you are having a hard time with a client, figure out if you need to set an expectation with them, most of the time, they will follow the rules, you just have to give them the rules.

Happy Planning!