I had just left another planning company as an independent consultant, so I was back on my own. I was driving back from a site tour or something with a friend in the industry, who I met while networking and we referred business to each other, at this point I was not networking as much. He was chiding me that I was out there all the time when I was with this other company, but not after I re-opened my doors. Which was true, even though I am an introvert, I have to get over myself from time to time and get my butt out there and meet new people and see my friends.

So, get out there an network.

The other advice I want to give you is always follow up with who you meet, you don’t have to follow up with everyone you talk to at the networking event, but if there is someone who you really want to know more, reach out to them and ask to meet outside of that networking group for coffee. This is how you build relationships!

xo Jennifer Taylor