October of 2003, I was at one of my good friend’s wedding, I had gone out early to help her with the final details, at her wedding my boyfriend of 8 year proposed. Started planning my wedding and with all the traveling I was doing for work and not wanting my mom or friends to be doing everything on the day, I hired a planner. Fast forward to November/December of 2004, after my wedding, I sat down with my planner and asked her how to get started… Could I mentor with her, be her assistant, she said no, here is the name of your company Taylor’d Events by Jennifer and off I went and the advice she gave was stay at your job until you have enough weddings to go out on your own. Started the business and got everything in place and I was ready to go!

January of 2005, went to my J-O-B and found out we were being sold, so that is when I started networking and getting my name out there. I eventually was let go in January of 2006, but in that year, I had gained clients and a whole new set of industry friends.

There is no perfect way to start your business you just need to take the leap! I hope I can help you do that!

xo Jennifer Taylor