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It’s time to talk about it! Here’s the few things you need to know about being a wedding planner.

You are a business owner, first and foremost, so running a business is paramount to having a successful business. So do it right the first time!

You are working nights and weekends a lot of the time, clients want to meet on their time, which is after they are done with work or on the weekends, so all potential clients meeting and planning meetings are done during that time. Weddings of course is on the weekend and long hours, there were weddings where I arrive at 10am and leave at 1:30-2am. So gone are the days of chillaxin’ on the weekends! Are you ready to accept that challenge?

You are working week nights, most networking events are in the evening, so there are weeks where I can be out every single night, just with networking events. Oh and btw… you have to be a pro at standing and chatting for hours in heels! 🙂

It is not all about the pretty, if you just want to do pretty, then become a designer and just do the pretty, you need to be a project manager and at time logistic based, you are the producer having to know when people are arriving, what needs to be done when and where things need to go. If you focus on the pretty then things can be missed. For example the smudge of cake on the back of the brides train… you’re going to snatch that up with your bare hands and you might even have to rub it on your own outfit!

It looks like a fun and pretty job! But it does require a lot of work! Be sure you’re all in!

xo Jen Taylor