Here are my top 5 business tools that I use at the very least weekly, mostly these are daily tools

Aisle Planner this is our planning system, we can have all our templates, checklist, timeline, notes and design features for our clients and they just added contracts, invoice and payments! Everything we need for our client experience is in one place! Check them out at and if you sign up, use the Promo Code word – TAYLORDEVENTSGROUP (all caps).

MileIQ this is an app, I have an Iphone, I hope they have an android app as well, add it to your phone and drive. It tracks your miles and then all you do is swipe left or right for home or business. With this app I do not need a pad of paper in the car and remember to write down the number on the odometer when I get in the car or get out.

Audible, I am on the road a lot, it is a great place for me to listen to business books, I will be giving you my top 5 business books soon, but download the app and get a few end of summer reads in !

Zoom, I love this company, it is video conferencing or sometimes I use it to record the videos I put on there on social media. Super easy to use, all your clients need is a link and they can zoom with you anytime or as scheduled J

Buffer, this software/app makes my life so much easier, I can schedule all my social media posts in one place and who doesn’t love that!

xo Jennifer Taylor