Education for Wedding Planners


Ever wish you just had a place online where you could get the advice and help you need without feeling like you’ll get scolded or made fun of?

Maybe you’re already in a bunch of groups but feel like they’re too big and you want a more personal connection!

Or you’d likely prefer to have a seasoned wedding planner who tells it like it is than other inexperienced planners making you feel better!

You’d also really like to have weekly education that ACTUALLY APPLIES to your business.

Cause we all know there’s lots of “education” out there from people who haven’t crawled under even half the wedding dresses I have!

I’m Jennifer Taylor, Wedding Planner Educator and CEO of Taylor’d Events Group!

I’ve planned and executed hundred of stylish weddings and have over 12 years of experience in the wedding industry.

My colleagues call me the “Task Master” because I’m the kind of person that focuses in and gets a job done.

I’ve taken that same approach with this membership group!

This is the no-fluff approach to education for wedding planners.

We’re going to talk about business paperwork, the numbers, and actually look at spreadsheets!

Our desk is not a stylized 5ft. round!

You are running a real business and it needs to be treated as such. The membership is for real people who want real growth and are willing to do REAL WORK!

Is that you?

Read on…

Want to know what’s included in the membership?

Here goes! Hang onto your hats!

  • Monthly Video Lesson
  • Monthly Group Q & A Zoom Meeting
  • Quarterly Team of Expert Zoom Meeting
  • One Monthly 15-minute Phone Call with Jen Taylor
  • First Access to all my Upcoming Events and Products
  • Regular Posts of Motivation, Education and Inspiration 
  • Helpful Posts from Myself and the Team of Experts 

I bet you’re wondering what exactly we’re going to cover. I mean maybe you are a wedding planning super-hero and want to know exactly what we’re focusing on! We’re breaking down the information by the month and educating you about a new topic each month!

Here’s what we’re covering!

Wedding Shows


Client Onboarding

Wedding Season

Vendor & Client Relations

Mid-Year Audit

Time Management


Off-Season Audit

Engagement Season

Goal Setting

Are You Ready?

You have a few choices! Join us to get your toes wet for 6 months at $150.00 for 6 months!

Or get a whole year of help for the discounted price of $180.00!

It’s a deal you can’t refuse!

Get in now!



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